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How do you disable tracking for private use?

Fleet users may have this functionality depending on which options their fleet manager has chosen. Only management level are able to switch tracking on and off. If you have a B/P button installed, you may have different tracking settings for business or personal journeys.

I don’t think my score reflects my driving style…

The 'go steady' nudges are part of everyday driving and it's not unusual to receive a couple on your journey. The first 2 nudges you receive in a row are confidential guidance to ensure there are not prolonged periods of inefficiency, reminding you to travel in a smoother style. It read more

How is the weekly score worked out?

The weekly score is an average of your score over the time driving for that week. This includes your average score for time driving in the green, minus your average score for time driving in the red. It also factors in any penalties you have received during that week which read more

I’m no longer appearing on any leader boards, why?

This may occur for several reasons: 1) Your account is no longer linked to your driving data 2) You have not been driving with a live Lightfoot device 3) You have been deleted from the Lightfoot fleet portal

How can we see what we were given penalties for?

A Lightfoot penalty will be issued when you have been driving out of the engine's sweet spot or in the wrong gear and your driving style hasn’t changed from the first 2 warning nudges in cab. Managers will be able to view where penalties have been issued by using the read more

The app is not updating with all my journeys, why is this?

There could be many different reasons for this: Ensure you are using your correct Driver ID with a live Lightfoot unit fitted. If there is not a live/working Lightfoot device in the vehicle then your journeys will not be recorded. If your vehicle is not assigned to you in the read more

Can I request my driver data?

You can see all your driving performance data on your personal Lightfoot dashboard. To access this, log onto the Lightfoot app, which you can download through the App Store or Google Play. If you are a fleet driver, you will need to get your unique activation code to link your read more

How do I delete my Lightfoot account?

To close your Lightfoot account, please log in to your account either via the app or by visiting Under your Account Settings you will see a large red button labelled 'Close account'. Once clicked this will send through a message to our Engagement Team who will process your request. read more

I am unable to log into my account, how can I fix this?

We're sorry to hear that you're having trouble logging in. As a first step, please trying resetting your password. On the login screen of both the Lightfoot driver app and the driver web portal there is an option labelled 'Forgotten password'. If you don't receive a reset password email to read more