Lightfoot keeps nudging me, why is this?

There are three levels of audible feedback you may hear if you’re not driving as smoothly as you could. The wording you hear will depend on whether you are a private motorist or a fleet driver. Fleet managers will have chosen a voice option for the entire fleet.

The two language options currently available are:

Nudge”, “Nudge, nudge”, and “Lightfoot penalty received”.


Go steady“, “Warning 2“, and “Lightfoot penalty received“.

The nudges/warnings are advising you to slightly ease off and get the engine back into its sweet spot. The nudges do not deduct points and may be part of your everyday driving. However, if you respond to it by easing off, Lightfoot quickly resets. It’s worth remembering that easing off the accelerator doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stop accelerating or that you are driving too fast – it just means that Lightfoot is suggesting that you accelerate a little more gently.

At the end of your journey, when you turn off the ignition, you will also hear a score for your journey. If you are a private motorist, you can disable the audible messages from within the app.

Check out the video for more information.